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Do you have the right Insurance coverage? The kind that can protect you against catastrophic claims? Do you know that slip and fall claims can cause your Insurance premiums to skyrocket?

We are here to offer you our expert insurance advice as we have developed niche coverages and the market intellect to address the everyday concerns of operating your business.

Don’t get caught without the right protection. Did you know that the average slip and fall claim can go from 45K to 3M depending on the age and nature of injury? Did you know that a Triple Net Lease makes you responsible for all liability stemming from the outside and inside of your location(s)? Do you want to be paying for years because of one loss? Here are a few examples of how a simple slip and fall can become your worst nightmare.

  • Nevada woman received a $16.4M Slip and Fall Verdict. She fell in puddle while a safety cone was in place. Due to her injuries and complications from the fall, her actual damages were $13M. One would think that the placement of the cone, warning of a hazardous condition, would have helped to mitigate this loss. Contact us to find out why best intensions aren’t enough to mitigate a loss.
  • In another case in Colorado, a Slip and Fall claimant received a $15M award. This claimant slipped on grease, which often times can go unnoticed. In this case, since the spill was unnoticed, no preventative action was taken to stop a slip & fall. You would think no notice of the hazardous condition would have helped to mitigate the loss. Contact us to find out why ignorance is not always bliss.

In an effort to protect our Insurance partners, we are offering this free complimentary slip and fall check list just for stopping by and checking out our blog.

Download the Checklist

Let’s talk today on how we can serve your Insurance needs by addressing your slip and fall exposures and how we can protect you from facing large premium increases.

Kristen Freda - Customized Insurance Programs

Kristen Freda

Program Manager

P: 516-719-8760

Kristen is an experienced insurance professional with expertise in risk management solutions for businesses in the restaurant, real estate, retail and cyber industries. With 8 years of industry experience, she has a proven track record of delivering customized insurance programs that her clients’ unique needs. Her focus is on providing personalized service and ongoing support to ensure her clients’ peace of mind.

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