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When is the last time your Family Entertainment Center rides and equipment were checked and maintained? Are daily walkthroughs being done and documented? Are all staff members adequately trained? Is there an adequate number of staff members on site at all times? Are there proper protocols in place before someone gets on the ride?

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Recent news has shown us that poor maintenance and safety protocols are not realized until disaster strikes. Here are some of the most recent news headliners:

  • Death at an Orlando theme park: A 14-year old boy was killed while riding a drop-tower ride at a Florida amusement park. Lawsuit claims an appropriate restraint system was not provided and no warning was provided to the rider about the risks of the ride. Proper training of staff members, and proper maintenance of the restraints on the ride could have prevented this tragedy from happening.
  • Man injured at a Denver Amusement Park: A man has filed a lawsuit against a Denver amusement park after he was badly injured on a roller coaster ride, claiming his restraints were not functioning. Lawsuit claims the amusement park did not maintain the ride or it’s safety restraints and did not train employees properly.

How can we help? We are offering this complimentary list of 13 things that all FECs can do RIGHT NOW to reduce their risk of loss or accidents.

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