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Bolton Street Environmental

Protect Your Clients from Gaps in Environmental Coverage

Bolton Street Environmental is a proprietary program designed by Bolton Street Programs Environmental Services for clients who own or manage residential and commercial real estate to address environmental exposures.

Bolton Street Environmental offers environmental insurance for new exposures at the lowest cost in the marketplace and a comprehensive manuscript policy on admitted form in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, certain western states, and on surplus lines forms in other states. A policy is issued to each insured with its own per incident and aggregate limits and includes unique coordination of emergency response and environmental services. Bolton Street Environmental also provides mold, lead, and asbestos management coverage, as well as complimentary management plans.

Note: Courts have repeatedly found that general liability and property policies with pollution exclusions do not cover: acid, adhesive, ammonia, arsenic, asbestos, benzene, brine, carbon monoxide, caulk fumes, carpet glue, chlorine, chromium, cooking oil, contaminated drinking water, DT, diesel fumes, dioxins, dust, E. coli, fertilizer, foundry sand, fuel and gasoline, general fumes, heating oil, hydrogen sulfide gas, lead, manganese, manure, mercury, methane gas, methyl parathion, methyl chloride, microbial allergens, mold, MRSA, nitrogen dioxide, PCE, PCBs, pesticides, phenol gas, PVC dust, radioactive material, saltwater, sealant fumes, sediments, sewage, silica dust, smoke, water contamination, and welding fumes.

Program Highlights

What Types of Claims do We Cover?

  • On-site oil spills resulting from pipe breaks and the misdelivery of heating oil
  • Migration of solvents onto your property from offsite current and former dry cleaners
  • Release of contaminants resulting from a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood or windstorm
  • Off-site pollution incidents at non-owned waste disposal facilities, which seek to impose liability on generators identified from a waste manifest as a potentially responsible party
  • Personal injury claims from exposure to pollutants such as asbestos, lead, mold, legionella and indoor air irritants resulting in sick buildings
  • Medical monitoring claims by tenants and other third parties alleging fear of illness and emotional distress
  • Migration of petroleum onto your property from current and former gas stations
  • Release of chemicals by tenants or their guests including on-site “meth labs”
  • Migration of pollutants onto your property from current and former manufacturing
  • Bolton Street Environmental also covers pollution conditions associated with the illicit and intentional discharge, dispersal, or release of chemical or radiological agents

Why Bolton Street Environmental?

  • General liability and property policies exclude pollution claims
  • Affordable alternative to self-insuring
  • Provides essential, affirmative pollution liability coverage for mold, lead and asbestos
  • Covers contamination, which migrates onto your property or from your property
  • Provides first party, on-site clean-up costs and third party, off-site clean-up costs
  • Covers claims alleging bodily injury, medical monitoring, property damage and diminution in value
  • Provides emergency response costs for the immediate mobilization of environmental professionals with 24/7 incident reporting via phone, web or mobile device
  • Blanket coverage for off-site disposal of waste generated by your property
  • Business interruption loss covered for rental income, relocation, mitigation, net profits and payroll
  • Covers losses associated with bioterrorism such as through the intentional release of bacteria, viruses, and causative agents as defined by the United State Center for Disease Control
  • Includes legal defense costs and expenses
  • Coordinates essential services, including environmental engineers, consultants, contractors, attorneys, public relations firms, insurance brokers and claims experts

What Are Our Limits?

  • Economical pre-negotiated rates for $1M/$1M, $1M/$2M, and $1M/$3M per insured
  • Significant multi-property discounts will be applied
  • $25,000 self-insured retention (SIR) with $50,000 SIR for mold, lead, and asbestos

    Real Estate Pre-Qualification

    Is your schedule comprised of 250 units+ and/or commercial exposure?

    Are you looking for limits of $10M or higher?

    Does your schedule contain assisted living, student housing, schools, and/or hotels/motels?

    Do you want prompt, reliable responses?

    Based on your response, you can proceed with completing an application.

    Download & Complete an Application

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