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ES-1000 wraps cyber software, educational resources, and professional consultation in a bundled, no-cost client benefit.

Woodbury, NY, August 03, 2020 — In a first-of-its-kind service offering, the cybersecurity insurance company Elpha Secure and partner Sterling New Age Cyber have introduced ES-1000, a complimentary, value-added service bundle that raises the bar on client deliverables across the cyber security insurance industry. According to SterlingRisk President of Programs Geraldine DelPrete, a business would typically spend in excess of $300 per user annually for the protections afforded by ES-1000.

“From the moment a policy is bound, Elpha Secure focuses on mitigating risk and cyber threat,” DelPrete explains. “In addition to performing its initial ES Threat Metric network assessment, Elpha Secure has now rolled out ES-1000, a robust alignment of cyber assessment services, educational resources, and expert consultation — all at no additional cost. We see it as a game changer, elevating cyber security insurance to a central role in meeting a company’s total cyber security needs. The fact that the new service is delivered at no additional cost to clients demonstrates our commitment to forging a leadership position in the industry.”

Recognizing that the need for comprehensive cyber security coverage has never been greater, Sterling New Age Cyber was formed earlier this year by Bolton Street Programs, a division of SterlingRisk Insurance. The new cyber liability program partnered with Elpha Secure, utilizing Elpha Secure’s tools and software to rank a business’s cyber exposure and promptly assess and quote coverage.

“We’ve enjoyed success right out of the gate for the simple reason that Elpha Secure and Sterling New Age Cyber are bold, innovative brands,” observed DelPrete. “We’re eager to take cyber security insurance to the next level through offerings like ES-1000, the ES Threat Metric, and the Elpha Secure Agent, which self-updates and actively monitors programs for suspicious behavior and known malware. Our goal has been the same from the start — to give clients far-reaching coverage and the risk management tools they need to potentially prevent loss of income from a cyber-attack. Providing them with the no-cost ES-1000 and Elpha Secure’s other proprietary services is an important next step in meeting that goal.”

Sterling New Age Cyber is offered to a range of industries, from restaurants, real estate, and retail to family entertainment, social workers, architects, and engineers. For more information on ES-1000 and Sterling New Age Cyber, please contact Kristen Freda, Production Underwriter, at or call 516-719-8760.

About Bolton Street Programs
Bolton Street Programs is a leader in creating and administering successful affinity programs for associations and industry groups. Its goal is to be the program administrator of choice by any capital provider in the insurance market and provide a level of service that is nonexistent in the industry via technology and underwriting. Its approach is to fully understand a specific industry and develop focused, pin point insurance programs. For more information, visit or call 800-767-7837.

About Elpha Secure
Elpha Secure provides a comprehensive cyber security solution, combining technology and insurance to protect against cyber threats. The Elpha Secure Platform includes Cyber Assessment, Insurance, Education, and Software comprised of proprietary tools to prevent cyber-attacks and bolster overall defenses. For more information, visit or call 203-936-7537.

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